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Summer Exhibition

In: Gallery Exhibitions On: Monday, May 21, 2018

2 June - 28 August 2018

A brand new exhibition featuring the latest work from local artists Holly Webb, John Gammans and Chris Kampf.

Gallery open: Monday - Saturday, 9-1, 2-5

HOLLY WEBB - jewellery

Holly Webb in the John Leach Gallery

Holly trained as a designer jeweller at Loughborough College of Art and Design, graduating in 1978. She lives and works on the beautiful Somerset Levels in the hamlet of Thorney where she produces an eclectic mix of handmade jewellery, mostly in gold and silver and often incorporating semi precious stones.

JOHN GAMMANS - paintings

John Gammans in the John Leach Gallery

'My artwork is my way of trying to distil and bottle a remnant of something that has taken my breath away, caused me to be in awe, and elicited an emotional response.  

I want my artwork to represent the derived emotion of the subject, to convey something of the feeling, not to dictate, but to start a personal narrative, like evoking a memory to the observer or recalling a dream. 

My inspiration is the natural world, especially the weather and it’s effect on light and colour in landscapes. I have come to realise that it is the formation and erosion created by the natural world that is my greatest inspiration. The formation of a weather systems to create beautiful dramatic skies to the erosion, caused by the same, that creates our landscapes, coastlines and forests. 

The manner in which I work is very representative of the very thing that inspires me. I try not to make too many conscious decisions, relying on instinct and feeling more than anything else. I never use brushes, choosing to work preliminarily with palette knives, rags and anything else that is at hand. I like to encourage happy accidents, forming layers of paint and powdered pigments before using several invasive techniques to create erosion. 

I feel that my artwork is my own little time capsule, recording my personal perspective of this world, capturing my emotions and speaking a million words where I cannot. I hope that my artwork will resonate with others and invoke something of the awe and majesty that sparked within me.'

CHRIS KAMPF - metal garden sculpture

Chris Kampf in the John Leach Gallery

After leaving Leicester Poly with a degree in Jewellery and Silversmithing Chris went on to design jewellery for several years. Expanding to sculpture in the early 1990’s led to the creation of 'Rex the Mouse' and numerous cartoon animals in recycled steel. Selling in Camden Lock and Covent Garden, later moving on to sell through galleries throughout the UK and Europe. Since 2011 Chris has been working on garden sculpture which has now completely taken over. In 2016 a new workshop and gallery at the end of the garden have given Chris some much needed space. His work became larger than the shed leading to alfresco welding! The gallery space is constantly in use, able to facilitate local artists during Somerset Art Weeks is September. 

Chris takes natures beautiful designs, simplifies them to create eye catching architectural structures that suit both the traditional and modern garden. Ferns, being his original inspiration, now the Somerset countryside plays a large part. Roadside verges packed with grasses, cow parsleys and teasels are great to work on. This year’s project: MAY CONTAIN SEEDS… has begun well with inspiration from the menace dandelion and its angelic seeds. 

The stylised ferns and plant stems are unusual and their size gives them presence. The majority of his creations move in the breeze pleasingly. 

Chris uses oxyacetylene and mig welding to produce designs which either have a highly polished or rusted finish. These are then oil coated, giving them a deep satin patina. Both pleasing to the eye and most tactile. All his sculptures contain some recycled steel from local builders.

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