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Angie Rooke & Chris Kampf

In: Gallery Exhibitions On: Saturday, April 27, 2019

11 May - 6 August 2019

A brand new exhibition featuring original work by Angie Rooke and Chris Kampf

Please note NEW opening hours for 2019: Tuesday- Saturday, 10-1, 2-4

The countryside of the South West is the main element of my paintings. 
Such is the  beauty and mystery of this atmospheric landscape that I struggle to put my feelings for it into words and so I try to depict it with paint.

I sit at home throughout the year watching the same woods, hills and fields through my windows. The rolling by of the  seasons, the coming and going of birds, the unfurling of new leaves, intense sunlight illuminating the trees against a steely sky- all these things are to be had for free. I walk out into these landscapes and gaze back at home. To tread these familiar paths, to try to learn my surroundings is an everyday joy. To wander into neighbouring territories and different terrains inspires me further and my attempts to portray these wonderful places gives me an incalculable appreciation for our beloved West Country.

Chris set up a brand new studio in 2016 at his home providing some much needed space. His work grew in size often leading to alfresco welding! He takes nature's beautiful designs and simplifies them to create eye catching architectural structures that suit both the traditional and modern garden. His inspiration predominantly comes from the Somerset countryside - roadside verges packed with grasses, cow parsleys and teasels... The stylised ferns and plant stems are unusual and their size gives them presence. The majority of his creations move in the breeze pleasingly. 

Chris uses oxyacetylene and mig welding to produce designs which either have a highly polished or rusted finish. These are then oil coated, giving them a deep satin patina. Both pleasing to the eye and most tactile. All his sculptures contain some recycled steel from local builders.


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